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Zhengzhou new vibration equipment co., LTD. Is a focus on industrial product research and development, in the field of vibration system solutions and related equipment design and manufacture of technology foresight enterprises.

So far, the new vibration with nearly 20 years of research and development and production experience, vibration motor has been in the concrete, casting, building materials, vibration equipment industries developed three series more than 20 quality specifications of the \"rieter\" brand high frequency vibration motor, 0-240 hz frequency range, the speed of 900-14400 r/min, 0.5-10 kw power range.A continuous periodic motion and intermittent continuous periodically, such as operating three a week.

At the same time, in the field of epc has established the many kinds of vibration model and the vibration casting system solutions, in the building materials industry also has a variety of vibration solution, in the concrete industry also has a revolutionary product, enhance the level of technology and equipment for related field has made due contributions.And the new company, with its high-quality products and perfect technical service, for highway, high-speed railway passenger dedicated line made an important contribution, won the praise and trust of users!New products of vibration are design science, wide frequency range, strict material selection, well-made, wide applicable scope, good reliability, etc.Companies adhering to the \"quality change the world\" business philosophy, focus on cutting-edge technology and future product research and development, strive to build enterprise's core competitiveness, leading the industry development direction.